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  • Apr 2022
    Hondas are reliable safe and very fuel efficient great family car with a staunch look too and the power to back it
    —Willis E - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Dec 2021
    Nice car for the money, good features and food to drive
    —Jacob V - 2008 Honda INSPIRE ACCORD 3.5L TOP SPEC
  • Dec 2021
    Luxurious look on the inside with the black interior and wooden features. Exterior looks nicely shaped with the back especially giving it a sporty look.
    —Toni K - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Nov 2021
    A very spacious and comfortable vehicle, with plenty of power and performance.
    —Jade D - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Mar 2021
    In all honesty it’s perfect
    —Gail M - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Dec 2020
    Very nice car.
    —Laurel B - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Nov 2020
    I look at this car as having all that i need .
    —Colin M - 2008 Honda Inspire 35TL
  • Aug 2020
    Luxury vehicle at moderate price.
    —MALCOLM M - 2008 Honda Inspire 35TL
  • Aug 2020
    A great car to drive, powerful and smooth.
    —KATE H - 2008 Honda INSPIRE
  • Jul 2020
    I had a limited budget and this car was good value for money, a lot of car for it's price, beautiful to drive
    —Raeleen G - 2008 Honda Inspire 35iL
  • Jun 2020
    It's a pretty powerful car, and good for distances
    —Rhandell B - 2008 Honda Inspire NEW TYRES, TIDY
  • May 2020
    Lovely drive. Very comfortable.
    —stephen R - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Mar 2020
    This is a quality built vehicle with a lot of features and comfort
    —Bevan N - 2008 Honda Inspire 35IL 3.5i V6 Luxury Sedan
  • Jan 2020
    Awesome car it runs like a sports car too.
    —Brian N - 2008 Honda INSPIRE 35TL 4D
  • Sep 2019
    Car was presented in very good condition
    —Ian B - 2008 Honda Inspire 35TL
  • Sep 2019
    I have had a honda inspire before good cars this model has all the features of a brand new car so very happy
    —Willie G - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • Aug 2019
    they are a great car and the comfit is great the leg room in the back seat is a lot more than other cars
    —GARY R - 2008 Honda Inspire
  • May 2019
    Love this car, spacious, smooth and nice interior, only downfall is that this model doesn't have bluetooth or a usb input. But love the car nonetheless.
    —Joshua J - 2008 Honda INSPIRE 35TL
  • Oct 2018
    Being 10 years old it was presented in premium condition, as if it were this year's model. Thank you
  • May 2018
    I loved my car!!!!
    —Tracey S - 2008 Honda Inspire
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