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  • Oct 2021
    Great car, great features in the car. Very stylist.
    —Jennifer M - 2012 Mazda Axela 20S Sport
  • Oct 2021
    I liked this car and I just did not buy this car just by looking at it motor co indeed I had a several search for this same model and finally this place was worth and I hope this car will give me a peace of mind.
    —Sagar R - 2012 Mazda Axela 20 E Skyactive / Facelift
  • Oct 2021
    I have the 20S trim level which is slightly sportier than the base model, in that it includes paddle shifters. I would highly recommend this trim to anyone after an adequate amount of power and fun, without the drawbacks or benefits of a manual transmission. I believe this is the best value Mazda Axela for the performance, looks and fuel economy, however, if you need something with a bit more grunt I would not choose this car. The driving experience is smooth and comfortable, while retaining a sporty feel. The suspension is stiff enough to take corners well but still soft enough to provide a nice ride quality when generally commuting. I-Stop is a feature which turns the car engine off at a halt - this feature in my opinion is a bit annoying as I prefer having throttle response instantly for a fuel economy tax, but if you are just looking for a commuter car it works great. The factory head unit is reasonably easy to navigate as if you have a translator app and/or can understand Japanese, however it being in a different language does provide its challenges and I would recommend investing in one of your native language. Interior quality is good for a cheap Japanese import. A lot of plastic but it does feel high quality, plus multiple storage spots is quite nice. There is plenty room in the drivers seat as a 180cm tall male, however, in my normal driving position, having passengers in the back would be a squeeze. There is plenty boot space. Overall a great car and I do not regret purchasing this over its competitors, such as a VW Golf, Toyota Corolla, Suzuki Swift and many others.
    —Benjamin L - 2012 Mazda Axela 20 S Touring Comfort Package
  • Oct 2021
    Love the car.
    —Molly R - 2012 Mazda Axela MPS MazdaSpeed Turbo
  • Oct 2021
    Everything is very good
    —Irimana V - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Oct 2021
    Mazda Axella is good for driving convenience and easy to use good for long drive:)
    —JAYSON A - 2012 Mazda Axela 3
  • Oct 2021
    We enjoy the features that came with the vehicle and the car is exactly what we wanted.
    —Jane J - 2012 Mazda Axela 20S SuperLowKM 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Oct 2021
    An economical car for a first time buyer
    —Mei R - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Sep 2021
    all around great city car
    —Janet H - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Aug 2021
    I often travel long distance so was looking for a car that was not only appealing, but had to be fuel efficient too. The bonuses for me is that the car drives so smoothly, almost like I'm gliding. I have no negative comments except to say I wish I had purchased this car years ago!
    —Tinequah T - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Aug 2021
    This vehicle is very economical when run on the recommended 95 petroleum. I have been amazed with how economical it is.
    —Savanah P - 2012 Mazda Axela 2.0lt Skyactive Sporthatch
  • Aug 2021
    We have been more than happy with our purchase
    —David W - 2012 Mazda AXELA 2000cc * LOW Ks * Cruise Control*
  • Aug 2021
    goes well hope it goes well in 8 to 10 years
    —Francois V - 2012 Mazda AXELA 20C Skyactive Sport Hatch
  • Aug 2021
    Great Car, for a hatch it has plenty of room and a very comfortable ride.
    —Michael S - 2012 Mazda Axela MPS MazdaSpeed Turbo
  • Aug 2021
    Love my axela! Cheap and easy to use
    —SOPHIE P - 2012 Mazda AXELA SPORTS 20S Skyactiv
  • Aug 2021
    Very happy at this point. Back seating very tight but as most of the time we do not have passengers so not a concern for us
    —Barbara J - 2012 Mazda Axela Sports 20S SKYACTIV
  • Jul 2021
    Very good car
    —Robin E - 2012 Mazda Axela Sport
  • Jul 2021
    Very economical but has that extra boost
    —NAREEN T - 2012 Mazda Axela 1.6 SPORT MANUAL
  • Jul 2021
    VERY economical - drove from Auckland to Wanganui and then everyday from home to work (we live rurally) and only filled tank up 10 days later. Handles well in rain and holds the road and corners well. Good pick up and precise steering. Inside of vehicle immaculate
    —Sandra H - 2012 Mazda Axela 20 S Skyactive Touring Comfort
  • Jul 2021
    Looks nice. Safe car to drive
    —Terina J - 2012 Mazda Axela S-Package Skyactive i-Stop
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