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  • Feb 2021
    I love the new Mazda Axela, beautiful to drive and suits my partner and I and theirs plenty of room for Grandchildren.
    —Mark C - 2012 Mazda Axela Sport 20S SkyActiv
  • Feb 2021
    I am excited to get in this car each time I go for a drive. I love it!
    —Victoria D - 2012 Mazda Axela 20S Sport SkyActive
  • Jan 2021
    Mazda are so reliable, great cars for their price and hold their value well
    —Shelagh D - 2012 Mazda Axela 20 S Skyactive Advance Style / Leather Seats
  • Jan 2021
    have found the Mazda to be a great car so far
    —Ian T - 2012 Mazda Axela 20-S
  • Jan 2021
    Axela is pretty Good and Nice Yes I recommend it to another person
    —SULPICIO C - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Jan 2021
    Good car
    —Jejomarey Y - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Jan 2021
    This vehicle make and model has great reviews which made my decision easy!
    —Nicky O - 2012 Mazda Axela *Low Kms*
  • Dec 2020
    It goes really well, everything works perfect, don’t have any faults about it so far
    —CAMERON R - 2012 Mazda Axela Sport 20S
  • Dec 2020
    Love it
    —Carey H - 2012 Mazda Axela Sports 15S Reversing Camera
  • Dec 2020
    Car is great, goes well and cheap to run
    —HOLLY-MAREE H - 2012 Mazda Axela 3
  • Dec 2020
    Sooo happy with this little car. Extremely easy and smooth to drive holds to the road well and surprisingly a very powerfully little vehicle for a 1.5. Defiantly recommend.
    —Wendy B - 2012 Mazda Axela Sports 15S Low Km's
  • Dec 2020
    We’re enjoying driving our Mazda Axela nice car and smooth running.
    —Jennifer D - 2012 Mazda Axela 20E- SkyActive
  • Dec 2020
    Great efficient car, reliable and steady!
    —Josh S - 2012 Mazda Axela 3
  • Nov 2020
    I love it 🥰
    —Georgina S - 2012 Mazda AXELA 20S Sports Skyactiv
  • Nov 2020
    Best car for a student and first car, my son loves it and already has recommended this to his mates and siblings. Safety to its drive really, son praised it well after test driving. Brakes being smooth was the main feature he was concerned but he was the one he found the best in this car.
    —Nita P - 2012 Mazda Axela 20E SkyActive
  • Oct 2020
    Car was in Top Condition
    —Colin H - 2012 Mazda Axela Sport 20S Sport Edition
  • Oct 2020
    Very nice to drive, especially after driving a big vehicle for the last 10 years.
    —Angela P - 2012 Mazda AXELA 15 S Sports
  • Oct 2020
    all good love the car
    —JENNIFER C - 2012 Mazda Axela
  • Sep 2020
    Its a great car , quiet , stylish and beautiful to drive .
    —Maxine G - 2012 Mazda Axela 2.0lt Skyactive
  • Sep 2020
    I love the car, feels great to drive, has enough power to get you flying up hills and flying past slow trucks on the highway and it great on petrol.
    —Alicia F - 2012 Mazda Axela 20E Skyactive
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