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  • 2015 Mazda Axela

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  • Apr 2024
    The only flip side is the boot space, however as the hybrid battery takes up storage and we are only 2 people commuting in this car , rear passenger space can accomodate our additional needs
    —Suraj - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid
  • Apr 2024
    Traded up from a 2005 Mazda Axela which has been so reliable over the years I didn't want to look any any other car, definitely recommend for safety, comfort and reliability
    —Candice L - 2015 Mazda Axela
  • Mar 2024
    Absolute love the car. I wanted an Axela as I heard how reliable they were. It has a high safety rating which was important
    —Tara A - 2015 Mazda Axela 15S Sportshatch
  • Mar 2024
    This car is a pretty suitable for two person household when we are looking for a car that looks nice, just enough room to fit in the luggage of two of us if we want to go for a road trip, decent fuel economy, has all the electronics that a city person requires: bluetooth, nice speaker, I-stops, etc.
    —Yifan L - 2015 Mazda AXELA
  • Mar 2024
    Easy to drive
    —FILOMENA L - 2015 Mazda AXELA Sports 15S
  • Jan 2024
    Love my axela everything I need and more. Excellent on fuel less then half a tank from Christchurch to Blenheim.
    —Tylar R - 2015 Mazda Axela 15c Sedan
  • Dec 2023
    Mazda Axela 2015 is a compact sedan has a sports car style and the driving experience is excellent. The experience exceeds my expectation.
    —Joseph R - 2015 Mazda Axela
  • Dec 2023
    This car runs smooth and economical on fuel
    —Gaylene K - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid C
  • Dec 2023
    Very good on fuel with petrol prices increasing
    —James P - 2015 Mazda Axela 1.5L BLACKOUT
  • Nov 2023
    I think the istop is a waste of time it is a beautiful car to drive
    —Lesley C - 2015 Mazda Axela 15S Sport Hatch
  • Oct 2023
    It’s a great car and has a lot of nice features. It’s also pretty good on fuel
    —Georgia L - 2015 Mazda Axela Sport 20S Touring
  • Oct 2023
    Traded our Mazda axela in for a year later model.. Love this make of car very reliable & comfortable..
    —Margaret M - 2015 Mazda AXELA Sport 20S Touring
  • Sep 2023
    Great car very comfortable and smooth to drive
    —Slade M - 2015 Mazda Axela 1.5 S
  • Sep 2023
    Larger than I had anticipated (longer and wider than my previous car which I had considered an average sized car. Not necessarily a bad thing, just an adjustment from the last car) and not a lot of legroom for rear passengers if the people in the front seats have their seats back. However, the 2015 Mazda Axela 20S sports hatch touring 6 speed manual has been a dream to drive. It has plenty of whistles and bells (parking sensors would've been a good feature, but it does have a reversing camera). Slick design and love the Mazda soul red.
    —Katrina J - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Sportshatch 'Touring'
  • Jul 2023
    So far the vehicles has been an absolute pleasure to drive. Still finding all the cool features but what a great vehicle. Really great on the fuel also. Love it.
    —Jody W - 2015 Mazda Axela 15S Touring
  • Jun 2023
    I love my new car. It's so nice to drive, quiet and comfortable, and has enough power for me. And it fits in my garage! (Most important).😀
    —Susan B - 2015 Mazda AXELA SPORT 15S
  • Apr 2023
    Amazing car very economical to run and nice to drive
    —Heather B - 2015 Mazda Axela 15C 6MT 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Apr 2023
    Great car, amazing fuel economy for a 2ltr, loaded with features.
    —NICHOLAS S - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Touring
  • Apr 2023
    Fuel efficency
    —SIJAN B - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid-C
  • Apr 2023
    Great car. Very nice to drive. Love the safety features. Plenty of room for a smaller car.
    —Richard J - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Sport Touring
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