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  • Jun 2023
    I love my new car. It's so nice to drive, quiet and comfortable, and has enough power for me. And it fits in my garage! (Most important).😀
    —Susan B - 2015 Mazda AXELA SPORT 15S
  • Apr 2023
    Amazing car very economical to run and nice to drive
    —Heather B - 2015 Mazda Axela 15C 6MT 3YearWarrantyFree
  • Apr 2023
    Great car, amazing fuel economy for a 2ltr, loaded with features.
    —NICHOLAS S - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Touring
  • Apr 2023
    Fuel efficency
    —SIJAN B - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid-C
  • Apr 2023
    Great car. Very nice to drive. Love the safety features. Plenty of room for a smaller car.
    —Richard J - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Sport Touring
  • Feb 2023
    Awesome car, stunning with lots of room and features
    —Jessica B - 2015 Mazda Axela SP 20S Touring L-PKG / MAZDA 3
  • Feb 2023
    In the short time we have had the car we have found it easy to drive, has power when you need it and overall a very comfortable car on a long trip.
    —Gary T - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Hatch Sport
  • Jan 2023
    Amazing on fuel! Especially on the open road! Great features too and very smooth to drive
    —Nicola W - 2015 Mazda AXELA 20S SPORT PACKAGE
  • Jan 2023
    Mazda Axela is amazing. Seat comfort, leg space, specs are all good.
    —Sudha K - 2015 Mazda Axela Sport 15S
  • Dec 2022
    Absolutely love it! So economical and it looks awesome too!
    —Katie H - 2015 Mazda Axela Sport
  • Nov 2022
    Comfortable, safe & fuel efficient!
    —Brian H - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid S
  • Nov 2022
    I love my Mazda! It hugs the road and feels so reliable and safe when you drive It. It’s very nippy, powerful and stylish! Honestly, so In love with my new car.
    —Kiana D - 2015 Mazda Axela
  • Oct 2022
    Never had issues with Mazda before. Typically reliable.
    —AMANDA S - 2015 Mazda AXELA SPORTS 20S Touring
  • Aug 2022
    Almost brandnew
    —Ervin P - 2015 Mazda Axela Low Kms
  • Aug 2022
    Love my new car. Exactly what I wanted. It has all the bells and whistles and looks flash too.
    —Kelly M - 2015 Mazda Axela SPORT 20S TOURING L PACKAGE
  • Aug 2022
    The Mazda Axela has some great features, the one l like the most is the fuel economy driver training program
    —David R - 2015 Mazda Axela 15S
  • Aug 2022
    Relaible car
    —Osban C - 2015 Mazda Axela Hybrid S 2.0
  • Aug 2022
    Good car
    —Tracey L - 2015 Mazda Axela
  • Aug 2022
    Great car ,Really happy with my purchase.
    —Nichola M - 2015 Mazda Axela SPORT 20S TOURING L PACKAGE
  • Aug 2022
    Is a great car, runs sooo nicely, very nice and tidy, has good features.
    —Lorryn S - 2015 Mazda Axela 20S Touring Sportshatch
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