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  • 2015 Toyota Sienta

    43 customer reviews
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Comment Highlights (13)

  • Apr 2024
    comfortable & easy to drive.
    —Bruce S - 2015 Toyota Sienta
  • Mar 2024
    We love the Toyota Sienta. The sliding doors in particular are helpful as we have a very small parking space.
    —Andrew K - 2015 Toyota Sienta 1.5 G Hybrid
  • Mar 2024
    Good car for family and fuel economy and have a good performance to me and a unique style
    —Jervy L - 2015 Toyota Sienta HYBRID G 7 SEATS
  • Mar 2024
    Cute car. A but gutless but extremely efficient car
    —NING W - 2015 Toyota SIENTA Hybrid G / 7 Seater
  • Dec 2023
    It’s 7 sheets, but not too big. I can put large luggage. It has back monitor. comfortable driving.
    —Kaori S - 2015 Toyota Sienta 1.5P DICE G '7-Seater'
  • Nov 2023
    We love it !! Last car I thought I would see myself in but it ticks all the boxes!!
    —Erin G - 2015 Toyota Sienta G Hybrid **FULL SAFETY PACKAGE MODEL**
  • Nov 2023
    A great little Town car ,amazed at how it handled extreme weather on way home on the express way ,very delighted..
    —Ernest S - 2015 Toyota Sienta
  • Nov 2023
    Very comfortable to drive
    —Nicola W - 2015 Toyota Sienta Hybrid 1.5lt 'G Spec' 7-Seater
  • Jul 2023
    This is our second Toyota Sienta and absolutely love them, they are so good to get in and out of for old people, and the reliability of the first Sienta we had (2005 Model) was superb, hope fully this new one will be the same.
    —Raymond M - 2015 Toyota Sienta 1.5G Hybrid Wagon
  • Jun 2023
    It is generally a great vehicle. Fuel consumption is good and it has plenty of power when you need it. I really enjoy driving it.
    —William B - 2015 Toyota Sienta
  • Sep 2022
    If your looking for a family car that's a perfect combination of space and sustainability - look no further than the sienta - awesome mileage , comfortable spacious interior and stylish 😍
    —Veena D - 2015 Toyota Sienta Hybrid G 7 seats
  • Jul 2022
    Fabulous car with all the storage I need in the boot. Fantastic turning circle and so fuel efficient. Lovely to drive.
    —NEO FINANCE LIMITED - 2015 Toyota SIENTA Hybrid G
  • May 2022
    I'm a Grandfather - I need a People-carrier and OI already had a Sienta a 2008 model. One of my Daughters now has this vehicle. The Sienta is 4 star rated for safety and is extremely Fuel efficient
    —Stewart R - 2015 Toyota Sienta X-Grade