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  • Oct 2023
    So far I love it!! So nice to drive and so far soooo economical !
    —Emma L - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid S
  • Oct 2023
    Great looking car that is fantastic to drive!
    —Benjamin L - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • Sep 2023
    The car is full of technology and some cool little features, its well worth watching some of the YouTube videos on the car to find out what it can do. Also if you are like us and a first time hybrid owner there’s lots of info on how to drive the car to get the best out of it.
    —Robert B - 2017 Toyota C-HR
  • Sep 2023
    Excellent vehicle. Pleasure to drive.
    —Rosslyn M - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Sep 2023
    Its a good car with fuel economy and great design
    —BIBHISHAN G - 2017 Toyota C-HR HYBRID G-LED
  • Sep 2023
    Toyota CHR-G so far is the best car for me as it is latest and innovative. It is high technology with a lot of useful features to enjoy. I enjoy driving it and makes me comfortable most of the day.
    —Ronilo R - 2017 Toyota C-HR Top Spec, G Model! Stunning BodyKit!
  • Sep 2023
    It’s a great all round vehicle for someone with my lifestyle - busy, no children living at home, a real pleasure to drive and very economical.
    —Claire R - 2017 Toyota C-HR
  • Aug 2023
    its a great car its fuel economy and comfort, the appearance and style is superb love the car..
    —Michael M - 2017 Toyota C-HR
  • Aug 2023
    Good amount of space in the back for the children. Very fuel efficient which was the main reason for buying a new car
    —Hine M - 2017 Toyota C-HR G - Hybrid
  • Aug 2023
    Its a good vehicle it was my wish to buy C-HR from start since i came to nz it has good features with comfortable seats spacey much really loved the shape of it its amazing
    —SHEIKH M - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G/ RCTA/ BSM/ Radar Cruise Control
  • Aug 2023
    Very smooth driving car. Comfortable and roomy. Happy!!
    —Lynda M - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid
  • Aug 2023
    Excellent vehicle. Comfortable and beautiful to drive. Very economical.
    —Sarah H - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Aug 2023
    It’s a very good quiet vehicle, handles beautifully and is exceptionally economical.
    —Graeme S - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Bluetooth/Hybrid
  • Jul 2023
    We are really happy with our car. It's a perfect size and drives smoothly.
    —Lucy G - 2017 Toyota C-HR S 1.8lt Hybrid
  • Jul 2023
    This particular LED Edition model differs from some others of the same year. it has some very nice upgrades to the exterior, including the larger black wheels which does set apart this model from some other models. It looks more of a 2020 model than 2017. This a vehicle that has the looks, the smart technology and reliability from the one and only Toyota stable.
    —Keith H - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid 'LED Edition'
  • Jul 2023
    Brilliant vehicle wish i have purchased a hybrid sooner ,
    —Angela B - 2017 Toyota C-HR HYBRID G-LED
  • Jul 2023
    It has a projector that lights up on the pavement when you lock your car at night that says Toyata CH-R. Very cool When you touch the door handle on the outside it automatically unlocks and locks - awesome. Love, love, love my new car!
    —Ana K - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G-Package
  • Jul 2023
    Really fancy and stylish car. Love it.
    —Elham E - 2017 Toyota C-HR G-spec Hybrid
  • Jul 2023
    It has more room than it looks. Comfort and ease to drive. The height to see in traffic without the big suv issues.
    —LEE-ANNE B - 2017 Toyota C-HR S
  • Jul 2023
    Love my new car and very comfortable to drive.😊
    —Yvonne R - 2017 Toyota C-HR S
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