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  • Jul 2023
    Great car to drive. Met my needs for down sizing in regards to size and engine. Awesome to travel in.
    —Shelley E - 2017 Toyota C-HR S 1.8lt Hybrid
  • Jun 2023
    Cheap running
  • Jun 2023
    Amazing to drive, very smooth and comfortable.
    —KAYLEIGH B - 2017 Toyota C-HR
  • Jun 2023
    Compact and good for small family car. Good on fuel and apparence
    —FARZANA B - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • Jun 2023
    Great car and amazing on gas
    —Daniel W - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G-Package
  • Jun 2023
    So far am loving driving the C-HR, it has a lot of cool features and is very comfortable.
    —Sarah J - 2017 Toyota C-HR G LED EDITION
  • May 2023
    nice car to drive with lots of safety features, frugal on petrol.
    —Ely B - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • May 2023
    Very very comfortable for me its very fit to me, and its very easy how to adjust compared to my old car toyota marx 250. And tha gas consumables is veryvlow that to my old car,
    —Jessie G - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid
  • May 2023
    Good size vehicle with cheaper fuel economy Hybrid and 5-star safety rating.
    —Shonal S - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • May 2023
    It’s economical
    —Edison B - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • May 2023
    Very fuel efficient
    —Wilson M - 2017 Toyota C-HR $1400 Rebate !
  • May 2023
    Love this car - great style and so economical. We did some research before buying and knew what we wanted, so we were very pleased to find one in excellent condition at such a good price.
    —Carolyn S - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • Apr 2023
    It's good to drive as it is very smooth and quiet
    —Vashti F - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid G
  • Apr 2023
    This is a fantastic little suv. Effortless driving in traffic and it is very economical. Looks great too.
    —Amanda J - 2017 Toyota C-HR G
  • Apr 2023
    Toyota is the best! Reliability number one !!
    —DENISE L - 2017 Toyota C-HR 4WD G-T, Auction Grade 4.5B
  • Apr 2023
    I love the Toyota C-HR, great with fuel economy, very comfortable. Great car to drive.
    —Tania J - 2017 Toyota C-HR Full bodykit
  • Apr 2023
    Being a hybrid is the best of both worlds. Longer distances to be able to travel with savings also for the fuel costs. Heaps of leg room for our growing teenagers in the back seat. The heated seats for my old back injury has been the best!
    —Leeanne M - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
  • Apr 2023
    Good compact SUV with good fuel economy
    —Annemarie P - 2017 Toyota C-HR S 1.8lt Hybrid
  • Apr 2023
    Love it .. drives like a dream
    —The Specialty House NZ Ltd - 2017 Toyota C-HR Hybrid
  • Mar 2023
    This is one of the greatest car to own.Very sporty and stylish look and pearl white colour looks fantastic.
    —ANI V - 2017 Toyota C-HR G Hybrid Model
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